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The Rocky Mountain Saab Club is for Saab owners in and around the Denver, Boulder, and Front Range Areas of Colorado, USA. Come join the fun and meet other Saab enthusiasts. Owners of any Saab model are welcome: 93, 95, 96, 97, 99, 900, 9000, 9-3, 9-4X, 9-5, even the 9-2x and 9-7x.

The club hosts a number of yearly picnic, dinners, and rally events:


  • Ikea Breakfast

  • Colorado Concours Show

  • Saab Owners Convention

  • Midsommer Festival

  • Fall Colors Drive

  • Winter Holiday Party

The club is also very hands on with our cars and offers regular events such as: 

  • Technical Workshops

  • Service & Maintenance Demonstrations

  • Vintage Saab Restoration Projects

  • Project Cars

The club holds bi-monthly Meetings (Held 7:00pm, Every Second Thursday Of Odd Numbered Months)

We also try to make it out to the Saab Heritage Museum, USA once a year to help out with the museums effort to keep the Saab passion alive.

The club has an online presence with this website, Facebook, and groups.io. 


Many of our members actively contribute to the online forums showing off what work they have done and helping others with their projects. 

Whether it is helping out one of the members with a project they are not able to complete themselves, or honoring those who we have spent much time with, our members and their cars are a focus of the club

You are the future of the club! We look forward to hearing from you, seeing your Saab, and what types of things you would like to be doing in the club. 

Not a member? Join today! 

Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado

For Saab owners in and around the Denver, Boulder, and Front Range Areas of Colorado, USA

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Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado