Concours Rules and Scoring Criteria

Cars are judged based on:

Curb Appeal, 20 pts Curb Appeal, Saab Character: clean, something you would envy, allows for the character of the car to be judged. Showroom condition. Clean modifications than enhance the appearance.

Exterior Quality & Condition, 70 points Body & Paint - Clean quality paint, no visible rust, no dings/dents, etc (30 pts) Exterior Trim & Bright work - Completeness, no fading, no pits in chrome, no cracks in lenses, handles, window chromes, midgs intact & not faded, etc. (10 pts. Badges & Emblems - Completeness, no fading, flaking, oxidized. (10 pts) Glass & Seals - Clean, not cracked, seals on doors & glass not shrunk, windshield midgs not faded or discolored. (10 pts) Bumpers - Clean, straight, midgs in good condition, no paint overspray, no facing or peeling of clear, etc. (10 pts)

Trunk Quality & Condition, 40 pts Jacks & Tools - Clean, neat, no missing pieces, no rust or bent, etc. (10 pts) Spare Wheel & Tire - Clean & usable, not bent or flat. (10 pts) Owner's Manual - Completeness of service pouch, condition of book (10 pts) Condition & Quality of Trunk - Carpet, tool area clean & neat, paint clean (10 pts)

Engine Compartment/Drive Train Quality & Condition, 40 pts Condition of Engine/Gearbox Assy - Clean, no obvious leaks, painted engine. (10 pts) Intake & Exhaust manifolds - Clean, includes air filter assembly (10 pts) Radiator, Hoses & Clamps - Clean, not leaking, no corrosion, rust, cracked hoses, position of hose clamps (10 pts) Wiring & Electrical Components - Clean harness, wiring, accessories, no add-on harnesses, original wire tires. (10 pts)

Wheels & Undercarriage Quality & Condition, 60 pts Condition of Wheels - Paint or polish quality, no excessive brake dust, corrosion, curb dings, etc. (20 pts) Condition of Tires - Clean, not too worn, all four matching (20 pts) Condition of Front & Rear Suspension - Cleanliness & quality of wheel house area (10 pts) Condition of Exhaust System - Not rusted, bent or leaking (mostly tailpipe & visible area) (10 pts)

Interior Quality & Condition, 60 pts Seats - Cleanliness completeness, no wear, quality of upholstery (10 pts) Carpets/Mats - Cleanliness & condition (10 pts) Dash & Console Area - Cleanliness of switches, gauges, instruments, paint on switch (10 pts) Other Interior Equipment - Cleanliness of steering wheel, sun visor, etc. (10 pts) Door/Side Panels - Clean, good condition, not sun faded (10 pts) Headliner & Back Panels - Clean, not worn, ripped or falling down, sun roof liner. (10 pts)

Body & Exterior Original Specifications, 80 pts Paint Color - OEM color or as close or original Saab color if repaint. Correct color for year. If repaint, over spray in engine door & trunk jams? Jams painted? Tape lines? (10 pts) Sheetmetal (body) No modifications from factory design. (10 pts) Exterior Trim & Bright work - Factory trim, moldings, bumpers. All parts correct for year. (10 pts) Badges & Emblems - OEM in correct positions. Correct for model year. (10 pts) Glass & Seals - OEM as far as possible. (10 pts) Bumpers - Correct for model year with all pieces and parts. (10 pts) Trunk - OEM tools, jacks, hardware, paint (10 pts)

Engine Compartment/Drive Train Original Specs, 50 pts Engine & Drive train - Correct engine/trans for model (no conversions). No chrome or polished valve covers, original bolts, OE paint (10 pts) Intake & Exhaust - OEM or Sport & Rally exh. OE air filter & inlet tubes (10 pts) Radiator, Hoses & Clamps - OEM as far as possible (10 pts) Wiring & Electrical Components - OEM. Plug wires, harnesses, add-ons (10 pts) Paint & Decals - OEM and installed in correct positions (10 pts)

Wheels & Undercarriage Original Specs, 40 pts Authenticity of Wheels - OEM or Saab accessories OK. Correct for model year (10 pts) Tires - Correct size, possible or reasonable equivalent (10 pts) Suspension Front & Rear - OEM or SAAB accessories. No excessive modifications (10 pts) Exhaust System - OEM or equivalent Saab accessories. (10 pts)

Interior Original Specs, 60 pts Seats - Correct for model & year. Covering as close to OEM as possible (10 pts) Carpet & Mats - Authenticity, correct for model & year, color (10 pts) Dash & Console - OEM, correct for model & year (10 pts) Other Interior Equipment - Correctness of interior appointments, sun visors, etc. (10 pts) Door Panels - OEM, no excessive modifications (10 pts) Headliner - OEM or proper replacements (10 pts)

Deductions Unable to access interior - locked doors (deduct 100 pts) Unable to access engine compartment - hood latch broken or unable to open hood or unable to access latch because of locked doors (deduct 100 pts) Unable to access trunk compartment - rear end locked, handle broken (deduct 100 pts)

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