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Paint-a-Junker: Saab 96

"Paint A Junker"

Submitted by Jerry Danner – Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado

In 2015, I went to purchase art supplies in Denver at Meininger fine art supplies and I came across this 1968 Saab 96 in the front of the store. I had to inquire.

Richard Duggan, Team Leader for Meiningers, gave me the scoop. Henry Meininger (owner) wanted to create an art event that was different. He named this event "Paint A Junker" He had his staff locate a "Junker". This car was found on Craigs List and it was reasonably priced. They picked the Saab because it was quirky. It had no wheels. He located wheels, which do not match, just to get the car to be pushed. He invited several artists to participate. Sign painters, graffiti painters, pin stripers, the public and fine artists. All gathered to create art and this is the product. Notice the eyes! "Salvador Dali" was painted by Richard Duggan.

If you get to Denver, look up Meiningers located 499 Broadway, Denver Colorado, 80203 to see a piece of our Saab history as graffiti art.

"Repaint a Junker"

Submitted by Jerry Danner

In 2017 I published an earlier article for "Paint a Junker". Henry Meininger from Meininger's Fine Art Supply in Denver, CO gathered a remarkable group of artists to paint this 1968 Saab 96. He purchased this car off Craig's list. The original painting was Salvador Dali's famous eyes and a mixture of other talent on the other side. This year he decided to repaint this car with a different theme. One side is King Kong and the other side Godzilla. Back and front were also painted by other artists.

Now it is time for retirement on this collectable piece of art. Nancy from Meinigers called me and asked if I would remove this car from it’s lot. Sure! It had been vandalized with the doors, quarter panels, fenders and hood damaged. I hauled it off to place with other 96’s in my yard for parts.

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1 Comment

Used to be an Awesome piece of Art. Alike to Janis Joplin’s Porsche.

Then 5 years and people that cannot sign their name with an X painted over it. Sad Very Sad.

We had it for a time. Thanks for the memory Jerry.


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