ACC Car Show 2016

We had a great turn out for this year’s show. Our Club presented 16 cars ranging from the oldest being a 1958 93 to the newest 2011 9-3XWD. This was our fourteenth year attending this show. There were some very expensive cars displayed. McLaren’s showed up in force from a dealer in Arizona. One Pierce-Arrow, many Shelby Cobra GT’s, Ford GT-40’s, Porsche’s, Corvette Club had a great presentation, Ferrari’s, Lotus, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Tesla, Asian and an assortment of older American iron. There were over 400 Cars presented last weekend. The event closes at 3:00pm and at that time the cars empty the display field. The field was 90% emptied and us as a club, still were there in 100% formation having a good time. We have had many comments from Terry Armstrong, the organizer of this Exotic Car Show, that we, as a club, really enjoy others Club Members company. We as a club appreciate these events. It gives us, as a club, time to hang and enjoy the comradery of other members. Bruce Harbison headed up the judging again this year. There were three categories, Double Digit Saab’s, Classic’s and late model 9-3 & 9-5’s.

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