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QV Aviation Tour

Sixteen of our Club members took the opportunity to visit QV Aviation July 12, 2014 in Ft Collins, Colorado from 10:00am to Noon. Ray Midleton has created a business restoring WWII war planes for his customers. He is currently working on two British Firefly's. One of the two firefly's he restored and took the Grand Champion Airplane at Oshkosh 2014. On the way home, the owner, who was the pilot, incurred a prop strike and a wing strike on a very hard landing. He now has the airplane totally dissembled replacing bent metal and rebuilding the engine. Ray is also working on a Beach Stagger Wing and owns three airplanes personally. Ray, in the 1970's worked on and serviced Erik Carlsson's Saab model 91 Airplane while in Sweden. Ray moved to Colorado in the 80's to make Colorado his home and also got involved in Vintage racing and his car of choice was the two stroke Saab. He raced with Scotty Knox through the 90's only to give up racing as there was not enjoyment in it and time for it anymore. He currently owns a 1967 96 he has started into making it a racer by painting it...

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