RMSC News 2013 Issue 2 March-April 2013

From your Club President

I always look forward to this time of year. The harsh winter months are over. Spring brings out a new lease on life as now we can be outdoors enjoying what the world offers. This is the best time of year to use my Saab convertible. It sits in my garage with the top down all winter. Sometimes in winter when the weather nice but cold, it gets driven. My record is 13 degrees on a clear winter day driving across Denver and yes, the heater was on full high.

Spring is a whole lot more enjoyable to see the world from the view inside a con- vertible.

Sad to hear the loss of two of our club members, Bill Searcy and Rob Martinson. They will be truly missed. Memorial trib- ute to them appears later in this issue.

We have activities lined up this summer for club to gather with our Saab’s to en- joy the experience of what owning a Saab is really about. We will keep you posted. It will be fun.

Drive safely & keep those Saab’s running forever!!

(Photo by Charles Stoyer)

The April 9th meeting will be held at 7PM at the Breckenridge Brewery at 5th and Lipan in Den- ver. Agenda includes upcoming CP car show, Project Colleen, Membership, Trivia, Top Gear video and Simeone Museum Presentation

RMSC Meeting Minutes April 9thth 2013

by Larry Beetham (photos by Charles Stoyer)

Meeting was brought to order by club president Jer- ry Danner, at the Breckenridge Brewery.

Greg Russell stated the price to enter a car for ex- hibit in the CP Concours on June 9th at ACC went up from $40 to $50. No registrations will be ac- cepted after May 27th. This is an effort to “curb”

registrations on the day of the show. Volunteers are needed and will receive a free lunch and entry for only 2 hrs of work!! We are looking for a last model year 9-5 as a club entry.

Paul Bottone was at the Denver Auto Show a few weeks ago – only 6 members showed up this year. He also reviewed plans for a Club trip to the Gate- way Museum on Labor Day weekend.

SOC ’13 is in August in Albany NY. Steve, Bruce, Jerry and Darrell are planning on making the trip.

Jerry thanked Charles for his diligence on the news- letter. He also showed a spark plug bug that a neighbor made from a large 2-stroke plug.

Tom noted that 6 of the club members tonight have recently purchased 2011 9-5s or 9-3s.

Jerry talked about his recent trip to the SimeoneMu-

seum, for the special exhibit: “The SAAB Spirit Lives On.” Which had several of Bill Jacobson and Tom Donney’s cars from the GM Heritage Collec- tion. The retired neurosurgeon Dr. Simeonehas

been collecting cars for over 50 years and has 59 cars in his collection. The SAAB group of 250 was larger than any other brands at his shows. Though Victor Muller was not able to be there in person, there was a 5 minute presentation in the show of questions and answers from him.

RMSC Meeting Minutes December 11thth 2012

by Larry Beetham (photos by Charles Stoyer) (continued)

Tom Nelson: Membership Chairperson- reported on membership and had a tribute to recently de- ceased member Rob Martinson and his participation in the club, ski clubs and his interest in airplanes. “Life is an Adventure” was his motto.

Tom mentioned an article in “vintage Views on Dave Snider winning the Walter Kern award at the last SOC and presented a showing of his Project

Colleen slide show which included 90 of the 160 pictures taking at the Saturday club work party. Al- so noteworthy was that there were 4 new club mem- bers working on the project that day.

Jerry presented memorabilia that Arne Sjodin, son of long time member Mats, had donated to the club. (brochures, etc.), the items will be auctioned off at the next meeting.

Tom Nelson had the membership list that he has cleaned up available for updates. Approximately 20 members are out of state. 110 within CO.

Tom has the membership in a Filemaker Bento 4 database, starting the inventory of car models with 96s, we have about 20 in our club and he will con- tinue to expand it to include other models.

A video was presented from Top Gear that Jamey Beetham sent to the club.

We ended with a short trivia challenge by Jimmy Beetham and Bruce Harbison, Jimmy up’ed the lev- el of our knowledge on Scania truck history that started in 1893 with coaches.

The meeting adjourned at 8:58.

1970 Saab “Follow-up”

by Bruce Harbison

In regard to the last newsletter’s report on the 1970 96 that was being parted out, here are a

couple of photos of what’s left of the car after all usable parts have been removed. Yes, these cars DID rust if great care is not taken! Note that there was no safe way to support the

body-shell without the use of 2X4s. This poor car rusted in all the “usual” places ex- cept for the upper part of the body. The cowl- ing was filled completely with dirt and leaves, but the corners of the lower windshield area did not rust, and these outer pieces have been removed for “patch-panels” for another pro- ject. The right side inner wheel house was also cut out to be used by an RMSC member

for his 1968 96 Deluxe restoration. The tired body shell will be recycled.

Gone but Not Forgotten ...

by Tom Nelson

The RMSC has lost two long-time members in the past 2 months. We want to remember both of these gentlemen for their Saab spirit, their warm friendship, and their extensive contributions to the RMSC.

Rob Martinson

Rob suffered a fatal ski injury at Vail on March 24, 2013 and passed away at age 67. He is survived by his wife Pam, plus children and grandchildren.

Rob was an avid, long-time, expert skier who usually spent over 50 days on Vail Mountain each season, but he also found time to ski with RMSC members at Mary Jane. Many of us knew him as an enthusiastic RMSC member and owner of an SPG and a Viggen. Rob helped on Projects Lisa and Colleen, as well the Auction Committee at SOC09 at Copper Mtn.

His other passions included fly fishing, and building and flying some amazing airplanes, like his current Rutan Long EZ based at the JeffCo Airport.

Jerry Danner recalls many very enjoyable fishing trips with Rob. Several RMSC members attended Rob's Memorial Service in the Evergreen area.

Bill Searcy

Bill Searcy passed away on Feb 25, 2013, following a long battle with Leukemia. He was 84 years old and is survived by a daughter, 2 sons, and several grand- children.

Raising his family in Evergreen, CO, Bill became a Saab owner in the 1960's when he briefly owned a Monte Carlo 850, then followed it with purchase of a

new 1968 Saab 96 Deluxe from Saab Denver. Bill also acquired a couple 1970 Saab 96's in the 1980's to join the 96 Deluxe.

When Bill started getting active in the RMSC in re- cent years he enjoyed working on Project RedBull and Project Lisa. As his health began to seriously de- cline Bill recognized how much the Saab Club in- volvement meant to him and decided that he wanted to have members of the club enjoy each of his 3 re- maining Saab 96's, so he donated them in the summer of 2012. Bill's warm generosity will be part of the history that goes forward with each of these 96's.

A memorial event was held in Longmont by Bill's family with many RMSC members in attendance.

2012 Walter Kern Award

by Ed Lorenz (reprinted from Vintage Views by permission)

The Saab Owner's Convention of 2012 was in Iowa City, and I was not there. But Dave Snider of Lafa- yette, Colorado was. He brought with him a base- model 1973 four-door 99L. And he went home with