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Saab Convertible Rally 2016

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado

Celebrating 30th Anniversary of the Saab Convertible

Submitted by Bruce Harbison


A Saab 900 Convertible prototype was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1983 The Convertible had been the dream of then SAAB Cars USA President Robert “Bob” Sinclair since about 1980. After the Saab 900 2-door Sedan was presented to SAAB executives in Sweden in 1982, designated as a “price- leader” for Europe, Mr. Sinclair saw the potential for the 2-door to be the basis of a Convertible model due to its straight C-pillar and low trunk. He agreed to market an up-graded version of the 2-door design in the US if SAAB would consider coming out with a convertible version. This was the leverage he needed to get SAAB on board to fund a prototype. A prototype was built in the US and ended up as the successful version, beating out a competing Swedish design. First production was for the 1986 model year for the US market. Four-hundred 900T CVs were produced, each dealer in the USA receiving one with some staying in Sweden. Saab’s last production year was MY2011, an end of an era for both the Saab Convertible and Saabs in general.

Since we feel Colorado is Saab Country, our goal is to assemble the largest collection of Saab Convertibles in North America and possibly the World! Take an early morning drive, fill the coffee jug and plan on showing your support for the remarkable Saab Convertible you love. Come early and share stories, meet fellow Saab Owners and share your enthusiasm with other Saab CV Owners. An optional post-photo drive is scheduled, ending with lunch at El Rancho Brewery & Restaurant at the El Rancho exit off I-70 in Evergreen. This will be a great event so plan to attend.

For those who are out of state planning a summer vacation, plan it here in the beautiful state of Colorado the week before or after but plan to attend this event the weekend of July 16, 2016.

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