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SOC 2014

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Videos of the event:

Day 1!

Day 2 Today took us from Salem to a scenic drive to the Wheatland Ferry enroute to NcNinnville, OR. For those who like beer(like me), we passed an amazing field of hops. Stopped at Evergreen Air & Space Aviation Museum, mew home of the Spruce Goose and the only water park with a 747 on the roof with slides from the fuselage. Interesting to see a 747 parked in a wheat field hum! how did it get there? Next Stop Tillamook to visit two Cheese factories. Blue Heron and Tillamook Cheese factory. Great Ice Cream and Blue cheese in both places. North to Gariboldi, OR for a Beach Seafood BBQ sponsored by Dan Morley and the North West Saab Owners Club. John Collins put on a great spread of food ranging from oyster stew, steamed oysters on the fire pit, shrimp, bre & bread, beer and smoor's on the fire pit for desert. Dan towed his Tow-N-Row camp trailer behind his 95 wagon. There is actually a boat attached in the roof just in case you want to go fishing and camping. It can hold two however it depends how close the friendship is to accomplish this. Basically one person. In the back is a compartment a slide out sink, supplies for camping, lights and a gray water holding tank

Day 4 August 6, 2014 Today's segment is heading south down the coast stopping along the many scenic pull outs. John Collins was our tour guide for a half day then he disappeared heading home to take care of a few things before he heads to the convention. John lives in OR close to the coast and knows the territory. Being a stranger to the area, it is a pleasure having a chauffeur. We started in Florence headed north to for a short while to revisit Cape Perpetula & Stonefield Beach. Cape Perpetula we traveled to the top of the overlook where we could see 40 miles of coastline. . Stonefield beach is where got our feet wet in the ocean. The water temperature here was 55 degrees (brrrrr!). There was no one in the water. This area the scenery is not as spectacular as day three where we experienced winding costal roads with deep forests thick forests with huge trees. Mario, a local North West Saab Club member's home town was on our scheduled route. He wanted us to stop by for a get together at a park near his town and meet other Saab Owner. While in the park, Mario had his 1971 Saab 95 parked in the grass and a police officer drove on the grass next to his car got his ticket book out like he was writing.

Day 5 Roseburg to La Pine, OR. Today's trip was inland to Crater Lake. We left the ocean behind yesterday. Crater lake was formed when an active volcano grew, blew its top, fell and filled with water to form the deepest lake in United States. Crystal lake is 6 miles wide (maximum) to 4 1/2 miles (minimum), 1943 feet at its deepest point. Crystal Lake's water is the bluest water I have ever seen. There are many sites we took in around the lake like hiking to waterfalls, hiked down a 65 story path to the water's edge. We spent most of the day there. Then drove to La Pine for the last night. La Pine is a small town with a whole lot of nothing happening. As a matter of fact our motel we reserved was a solid two star motel next to Les Schwab Tire Center. Steve & Danny Goldberger, John & Cathy Hlvaka and myself decided to drive 30 miles to Bend Oregon for dinner and had a great dinner and a few micro brews. Bill & Joanne Clark stayed in La Pine. Paul & Myrna stayed in a cabin at the base of Crystal Lake. This is our last night. Heading to SOC14 in Redmond, OR Thursday.

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