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Vail Police Department 50th Anniversary

RMSC was invited to attend the Vail Police Department 50th Anniversary:

"On behalf of the Vail Police Department, please make every attempt to join us for all or part of this historic weekend. SAABs are an important part of the Town of Vail and Vail Police Department history.  We are asked regularly; “Why aren’t you guys still driving SAABs.”  and told of the memories that people have of that unique relationship. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in having you join us." Jeff Campbell Vail Police Department

Commentary from our member Paul on the event:


The pictures below are the ones I took at their station. In a hallway I saw pictures of their officers and their Saab police cars so I took pictures of them all. The 1st on is a retired police officer I meet that day. the 2nd one is him with his 1st Saab police car.  I told them I knew the officer they hired to redo their communication center. He was a retired Aurora officer. They needed to communicate with the FBI, Secret Service and all police department in Colo. because a past president, Jerold Ford, now had a home in their valley. I was a reserve officer with the Aurora PD and the officer they hired was one of our field trainers. He eventually became a dental patient of mine.  I visited him in Vail one winter. He showed me the center that he help build. We then went to lunch in one of their Saab police cars that day.  After they heard I knew him the Vail police opened up to me and invited me to do a tour of their department. In booking area with the jail cells they put me in one and took my picture, #13-14.  Then they took me  to their records department to see if we could find more photos of their Saab police cars. As I was leaving I met a retired officer, #1, and he said showed me his picture,#2 when he 1st joined their department. Look at his uniform. Back then it was a real western sheriff style.

The department reserved the spaces in front for us when I told them we were coming.

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