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1959 93B Brakes

Now it is brake time on Sinclair’s 1959 93B. After I got the car running, I filled the empty brake reservoir, pumped the brakes and guess what? All four wheels were dripping brake fluid. This means total reseal. I seem to do things one way, ALL THE WAY! I took the car to my home to start the lengthy ordeal to rebuild the entire brake system. If you look at the picture of the front brake drum, backing plate, cv boot and ball joints, there are years of grime collected where the grease gun was liberally used. I took everything off including upper & lower a arm’s, dissembled completely, cleaned out all the wheel bearings grease in both front & rear wheels, glass media blasted the backing plates, drums, brake shoes, steering knuckle, ball joints, springs so when I paint them semi -gloss black, they will look new. Tom Donney referred me to Moss Motors where they specialize in British cars. It seems the wheel cylinders for the 93’s are the same as an MG. The rear brake cylinders have the emergency brake built into the wheel cylinder housing. This weekend I am going to have a painting party to make all the parts look new. I have a kit for the Master Cylinder.

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