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Project Rob: what happened to the old engine?

Jerry did some investigative work and found out why the old engine was not running well.

Jerry found why the engine on Project Rob had no compression in cylinder #2. Cracked #2 piston. This 1985 900T SPG 3dr is a car our Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado took on as a project for our club members. Rob Martinson, a club member, passed away. He had the car and engine compartment completely disassembled 30 years ago. The car has been sitting in his garage while he took up building two VariEze aircrafts. After his passing we took the car, assembled it, started it and it smoked really bad and had no compression on cylinder #2. Our Club Member Phil Drury donated a 1994 C900T engine and one weekend we called a work party with our Club members, pulled the bad engine and installed the 1994 engine. Car started right up and ran smooth. A month ago our club, while working on Project Rob, took off the head of the bad engine. We thought it would be obvious why no compression. Found no reason why it did not have any compression. Two days ago I disassembled the block and found this, a cracked #2 piston. This is not common to see as these engines are rock solid.

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