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Bob Sinclair's 93B - Coolant and Brakes

Bob Sinclair’s 1959 93B Update – Almost ready to run – It has been two weeks since the last update. I have all the brakes installed with new hose & wheel cylinders. The brake hoses needed to be replaced so I decided, because of the unmolested condition of the car, to put on rubber hoses. I did not want the look of the Steel braded hose look. Whistler bearing in Denver makes any brake hose you need. They had the original British hose ends. They even installed the flex protectors on the ends just like OE. I had the brake master cylinder rebuilt by Apple Hydraulics. The bore was extremely pitted. They sleeved the cylinder and replaced the seals. I will be installing the M/C tonight. I had the radiator tank removed, cleaned the tubes and re-soldered. Good thing I did because if you look at the water pump pictures there was serious blockage. Spike Radiator in Denver said the product Water Wetter was used for an extended period of time and got old, causing green jelly like balls in the complete system. Look at the goop in the pump housing and coolant transfer tube. I will be flushing the heater core and engine block before I secure the cooling system. Rebuilt the water pump.

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