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RMSC Membership Meeting on January 21st

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Bi-Monthly membership meeting.


It's a new year. It's a new venue. The Hornet had great food but was far too noisy. The Blue Bonnet offers very good Mexican food and da-da-DA: a private meeting room. Why the 21st and not the 14th? The Denver SCCA has the room booked for the 14th. Also: The Blue Bonnet offers food and drink specials from 3 to 6pm everyday. And what of parking you may ask? There's plenty of it and, better yet, it's free. We hope to see you on January 21st at the Blue Bonnet! Here's the updated agenda per Jerry -Welcome new members -New Venue welcome -Group.IO update -New Club Website -Meeting update schedule -Update Event Schedule -Project Rob. What’s happening and discovery. Power Point -Video – Saab Documentary -Video – Production of the Saab -Saab Production Numbers- Where to find

Come Early – Happy hour specials 3-6 Plenty of parking


Event notes

Our January 2020 meeting was held at the Blue Bonnet Restaurant, a new venue. we had a guest speaker from SCCA inviting us to attend track events in the Colorado area. 25 attended. An excellent documentary was shown. 25 attended. Watch this.


Board meeting notes

Minutes of the Rocky Mountain Saab Club Board of Directors: 1/10/20

In Attendance: Jerry Danner, Paul Bottone, Bill Brinn, Phil Drury, Bob Buck, Doug Crane and Bruce Harbison

  1. 4/5 Meetings will be at the Blue Bonnet Restaurant (BB). If the meeting night is changed to Thursday, we will not have to pay the $50 room fee because one of the BB employees will do it just for tips. We held a lengthy debate whether to change the meeting night and which months are best to hold regular meetings. Social media helps notify members if nights change. January 21st will be the next regular meeting date. We will experiment with Tuesdays and Thursdays. is working well for notifications. We owe Doug $220 as he paid for the yearly fee to get us started. The Yahoo Groups site has been shut down.

  2. “Drive lunches” like the Buck Snort or BBQ at Jerry’s house were discussed. Phil will check about the club visiting the Air Museum at the Colorado Springs Airport and will contact Tom Donney about interested members volunteering at his museum. We realize that everyone can’t or doesn’t want to go to every event.

  3. Next club meeting after January = Thursday March 12th, 2020.

  4. Regular meetings in Jan.--March--May—Aug.--Possibly Nov. for 2020. We assume the SOCs will be held in July in the future.

  5. Revisen of By-Laws. Paul will start and send a draft to all board members for their input/corrections/additions. It will hopefully be done and put in the new Website by May. We debated about requiring Board Members to be a member of SCNA. We also discussed that maybe out-of-region members could be Associate Members which would need to be defined. All members will be e-mailed a copy of the revised By-Laws. There are about 216 members on the current list.

  6. New Website Master David Pečeck will do a 1st draft for a new RMSC Website and will find a website provider at a very low cost to the club. All information from the current (old) website will be transferred to the new Website. Clay has been informed about the change. Jerry will contact David.

  7. Jerry gave an update on the IRS and OSHA concerning the clubs reporting. All is being taken care of by Jerry.

  8. Paul will try to set up club meeting for presentations by BG, Red Line, Adams Polishes, and Bob Buck volunteered to put together a program for a club meeting if Jerry needs him to.

  9. Paul will contact Jeremy Vera who volunteered to do a Club newsletter which can be posted in the new Website.

  10. Project Robb: Interior wiring, dashboard etc. and then sanding for paint job. Jan 18th 9:30-2:00  for interior work. Bruce is repainting the grill, Jerry wants the Project done by March (?).

  11. Hagerty Insurance was discussed. Less cost than American National but Bob found American Collectors Insurance at USAA cost less then all others.

  12. Bruce asked if Peter Bäckström has been reimbursed for his SOC expenses. Bruce will contact Jim Hickstein at SCNA as well as Peter.

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