RMSC News 2013 Issue 1 January-February 2013

From your Club President

2013 is a new year with many great things to look forward to. Another year has past and I feel last year was just as good as what I anticipate 2013 will bring in. Saabs are the only personal car I own. I got to say I truly enjoy my Saabs. I have driven other cars and there is no comparison to a Saab. For one thing, I am 6’4” and I need a car that fits me. The newer 9-5 has to be the most comfortable car I have sat in and driven. My 2006 is a remarkable car. The newer the Saabs the better they are.

We hear chatter on the new car company NEVS and what they will bring to the Saab table. Did I hear something about 20,000 cars to be built in Sweden with a projected 60,000 in the future and did I also hear there will be cars built with tra- ditional petroleum engines? I hope this is true. That is good news, right? It seems it has been a little hush-hush and the news does not flow as good as it should. Maybe the management does not want to let the cat out of the bag too early. Wouldn’t that be nice. I can not wait to see the new mod- els. We all have a great following for the

The Feb. 12th meeting will be held at Breckenridge Brewery at 7:00PM. Topics include new members, Pro- ject Colleen, Bob Buck’s ‘67 96 progress, Larry Beeth- am’s ‘70 96 progress, club merchandise, Dave Snid- er’s electric Saab, Retiring a Saab, Trivia Contest

Saab brand and we all hope it will contin- ue. We all have hope, right?

Don’t give up on your Saab!!

RMSC Meeting Minutes December 11thth 2012

by Larry Beetham (photos by Tom Nelson)

This December, the annual year end celebration/ meeting was held at Landry’s restaurant in the Den- ver Tech Center. After a wonderful hour of social- izing, club President Jerry Danner had a short greet- ing to welcome the members and thank us for at-

tending and for our support of the club. He also recognized Bill Searcy, who was attending with his daughter Catherine and thanked him for the 3 96 V- 4s that he donated to the club. Catherine mentioned during the social hour that she was glad to meet the new owners and that she recalled driving the grey DeLuxe that Tom Nelson now has, it is currently on his back 40 until he can complete getting it titled.