RMSC News 2015 Issue 3 May-June 2015

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

From your Club President

The May 12th meeting will be held at the Brecken- ridge Brewery, 5th and Kalamath in Denver. Agen- da includes .

Another Summer has passed and I reflect on what has happened. Our Club has had many well-attended events . In Estes Park we presented our cars in the Scandinavi- an Mid Summer Festival. In Ability Con- nection Colorado we, as a club, presented our cars in one of the premier car show- ing events in the Denver Metro Area. We gathered as a group to drive to the top of Pikes Peak just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado only to find a very chil- ly day at the top at 14,110’ when it was 85 degrees at the bottom. We had a BBQ at Jerry’s home and attended a detail clinic at Adams Premium Car Care where they demonstrated how to keep your car look- ing new.

We want to welcome the two new Direc- tors of our Club, Tom Jansen and Bruce Harbison. Collectively as a group of now 8, we have a whole lot of enthusiasm to create fun in the upcoming year. We will be contacting members through Yahoo Groups and Facebook of the upcoming events as we progress into 2016.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and your support for our Great Club.

Jerry Danner, President RMSC Photo by Tom Nelson

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Charles Stoyer)

This is the last planned meeting at the current location, with the potential of future meetings being at the new Breckenridge location on South Santa Fe. Crazy Moun- tain Brewery, out of Avon, CO will be taking over the

current facility, so there may still be the possibility of holding future meetings at this location. Jerry is work- ing on setting the Club up with the new Breckenridge location to have future meetings there. Our first meeting is planned for the July 22 meeting and will be a VIP tour