RMSC News 2015 Issue 3 May-June 2015

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

From your Club President

The May 12th meeting will be held at the Brecken- ridge Brewery, 5th and Kalamath in Denver. Agen- da includes .

Another Summer has passed and I reflect on what has happened. Our Club has had many well-attended events . In Estes Park we presented our cars in the Scandinavi- an Mid Summer Festival. In Ability Con- nection Colorado we, as a club, presented our cars in one of the premier car show- ing events in the Denver Metro Area. We gathered as a group to drive to the top of Pikes Peak just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado only to find a very chil- ly day at the top at 14,110’ when it was 85 degrees at the bottom. We had a BBQ at Jerry’s home and attended a detail clinic at Adams Premium Car Care where they demonstrated how to keep your car look- ing new.

We want to welcome the two new Direc- tors of our Club, Tom Jansen and Bruce Harbison. Collectively as a group of now 8, we have a whole lot of enthusiasm to create fun in the upcoming year. We will be contacting members through Yahoo Groups and Facebook of the upcoming events as we progress into 2016.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and your support for our Great Club.

Jerry Danner, President RMSC Photo by Tom Nelson

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Charles Stoyer)

This is the last planned meeting at the current location, with the potential of future meetings being at the new Breckenridge location on South Santa Fe. Crazy Moun- tain Brewery, out of Avon, CO will be taking over the

current facility, so there may still be the possibility of holding future meetings at this location. Jerry is work- ing on setting the Club up with the new Breckenridge location to have future meetings there. Our first meeting is planned for the July 22 meeting and will be a VIP tour

of the new facility. (After the meeting this was changed to September, due to the new facility not being totally complete.)

Jerry introduced new member Jesse Oranzinni, from Vermont, who owns a 1998 Saab 9000 CSE. Jesse will

be here for 3 months while he is in training. Wayne Brewer has moved back to Cotopaxi from Alabama on a permanent basis. The Club just recently acquired some old parts that Wayne hauled back with him from Ala- bama. Leslie Cruz, who has had 85, 87, and 91 900 Tur- bos, and just bought a 1989 Saab 900T CV attended the Club meeting for the first time. Also attending the meet- ing was new/old member John Hill from Argentina.

Ryan Kapple is doing better and is at home recuperating. In the interim Clay Sewald at Jerry’s shop, will be taking over as Webmaster.

At this time, there are 11 members signed up to be on the field at the Concour d' Elegance, on June 7. On Friday night before, Bob Bondurant will be at Club Auto for a night of food and cars. McClaren will be introducing their new model 570. Deadline for Sunday's show's

sign-up is May 22. Last year we had 16-17 at the show, and the $50 fee goes to good charitable causes.

The Scandinavian Mid-Summer Festival is in Estes Park, and we have 10-11 cars currently signed up. We are go- ing to try to have around 19-20 cars, space permitting.

The event is the weekend of June 27th – 28th, and our Club will be showing on Sunday the 28th.

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Charles Stoyer) (continued)

The annual Summer Drive is coming up, and will proba- bly include the Buck Snort Saloon again. Date and route are TBA.

The 2015 SOC will be August 13th to the 16th in Lexing-

ton, KY. Eight members indicated that they may attend, with most saying they would fly to the event.

The current update from NEVS, is that they have come out of reorganization, so now they have to come up with the money to pay off the creditors.

Orio, Saab Auto parts, visited Jerry concerning parts dis- tribution for the United States. They want to sign up some of the local shops to purchase parts directly from them. Jerry has indicated that he will continue to buy parts from the Elway dealership, that was Shaw’s, unless they discontinue the program.

Jerry has two slide presentations this evening, one is his visit to the Simone Car Museum in Philadelphia, and the other is on the computer system in our recent model Saabs.

Dr. Simone, owner of the Simone Museum, has acquired numerous pre-1960 road racing vehicles, and has a cur-

rent exhibition of a collection of Saab cars owned by Bill Jacobson, a longtime friend of Jerry’s. Jerry went back to view the Jacobson collection that was on display, courtesy of the Simone museum. The slide show showed the many vintage racing vehicles in the museum,

along with the current exhibit of Bill Jacobson’s Saabs.

Jim Beetham showed some items from his dad’s desk that were of historical significance for some older model Saabs. He had some old items including a brand new key for a 1972 99, a grill emblem created by Saab Den- ver, owners ID cards, manuals, and a 1965 NADA price book that had values on old cars, such as Studebakers.

The second slide show was a presentation put together by Jerry, showing the different components of the com- puter systems in the more recent Saabs, and how they all communicate and interact together to manage the many systems included in the vehicles. The presentation was based on the electronics for a 2005 9-3 Sports Sedan. In 1970 Saab first used computers for engine management, and 1974 was the last carbureted vehicle, and 1977 was the last year that points were used. Everything from this point on that was made by Saab contained various com- puters to manage the engines and other components of the cars.

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Charles Stoyer)

The meeting was held at Mile Hi Automotive, with 27 members in attendance.

Jerry welcomed everyone to the meeting and discussed the current understanding of the situation at the new Breckenridge Brewery. It is becoming apparent that the new facility is not set up for meetings for a Club like ours. We are still going to try to get a tour set up for one of our meetings, in the near future.

Crazy Mountain Brewery, in the former Breckenridge, is in the process of remodeling, and it is still to be seen how that facility will be setup for the future. The Colo- rado Plus facility, in Arvada, is wanting to charge for the room use, even though we are buying food and drinks.

We are still on a search for a new meeting room for up- coming meetings.

Tom Nelson discussed membership, with regards to email addresses. Tom cannot change emails for people, only the member can. If you have completely forgotten how to sign in, Tom can delete your current membership and you can start over with a new one.

New members were introduced. Jesse, visiting from Vermont, was in attendance for his second and final meeting before returning home. Someone signed up as a new member on the website, and drives a 2004 9-3 Aero. Dick Brown from Colorado Springs was in attendance,