RMSC News 2015 Issue 2 March-April 2015

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

From your Club President

March is a great month. It is typically the end of winter but be cautious. March in Colorado usually is the snowiest time of the year. For those who have a Convertible, it might be the best time of the year. Don’t let a little snow keep you from enjoying your car with the top down.

I love fishing and one of my favorite spots is the Miracle Mile in the middle of Wyoming. To get to the river you need to drive 52 miles of dirt road.

There is no better car to drive on dirt roads than the classic 900 (C900). One Saturday in the second week of November 2104, I decided to go fishing. I woke up and left my house at 2:30 for the four hour drive. The weather was chilly. Arriving at the river in the morning, the skies were clear. The temp got up to around 45 degrees. I took the top down while I fished. I relocated to different places on the river and having the top down made it easy to transport my fishing pole. I decided to leave to return home

The March 10th meeting will be held at the Breckenridge Brewery, 5th and Kalamath in Den- ver. Agenda includes ACC Exotic Car Show, Videos of Old Saabs, Denver Auto Show, Bad things that happen to cars and the SAAB Trivia Contest.

around 2:00pm. I drove the 52 miles back to I-80. I decided to take the scenic route home by going through Saratoga to Encampment to Walden to Kremling to Dillon and over the Eisenhower Tun- nels back to Denver. The weather heading back when I left Wyoming was clear. As I headed back the sky’s were overcast with the ceiling getting around 200’. It just got through snowing but it was not snowing while I was driving. I put my cold weather hat on, my down filled gloves and jacket and continued to drive with the top down and the heater on high back to Denver. I really looked like a red neck but it was fun. Here are a few pictures of the trip.

Do not let a little cold weather hold you back from enjoying your Convertible.

RMSC Meeting Minutes January 13th 2015

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Tom Nelson)

Another cold snowy night, perfect whether for all Saabers to enjoy the cold weather abilities of their favorite car.

Jerry started out the meeting a brief explanation of the scheduling conflict with Breckenridge Brewery on this month’s meeting. Sam (Samantha) was our server for the evening.

We will be meeting at the Breckenridge for the March and May meetings, as they are not sure of their status after that point due to the move to the new facility on south Santa Fe. New members in attendance were recognized.

Saab is currently going through some problems with their parts after the sale of John Elway Chevrolet to Cherry Creek Chevrolet. For a few weeks they could not sell Saab parts due to the change in own-

ership and the requirement to re-register with Saab Parts. Jerry was ordering parts from a dealer in Pennsylvania. Only two authorized Saab dealers still exist in the state, John Elway, and Red Nolan, in Colorado Springs.

Insurance companies may be more likely to total a new Saab, that is damaged in an accident, because they perceive that parts are not readily available, due to the lack of dealers. This is purely an eco- nomic decision on the part of insurance companies, and not on the actual availability of parts on the open market. Authorized service centers can order the parts, but will most likely not have any stocked parts.

Jim Beetham showed a new product that he picked up that can be used to jump start your car that is available at Lowes for about $80. This is a small unit that will fit in your glove box and can be charged either on 110V or from the cigarette lighter in the car. It also contains a flashlight and has the ability to charge your cell phone.

Tom Nelson had some poster that he and others had cleaned out of their collections to give away to club members. These were shown and given out to the first requester.

Paul Bottone reiterated the fact that he had sent out a notice, around Christmas time, concerning dis- count coupons for the Denver Auto Show on April

11. He will alert the group if the coupon shows up again. He also told the group about a book called "A man called OVE" By Fredrik Backman. The

RMSC Meeting Minutes January 13th 2015

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Tom Nelson) (continued)

book is not about Saabs, but Saabs are the underly- ing theme of the book.

Tom Nelson discussed getting email messages from the group through Yahoo. He requested anyone who is not to give him their updated email infor- mation. He also spoke of the 2015 National Con- vention that will be held in Lexington, Kentucky, sometime in early August. Tom made a call for all NG 9-5’s to attend the convention.

John Clary gave a brief update on project Colleen.

We still have a bit of detailing to do before putting the car up for sale. Monday is Jerry’s day off, so he is willing to be there to work on the car in the back shop at Mile High.

John Williams of JZW Tuning in Longmont, CO made a presentation on his tuning business and his abilities to garner significantly more horsepower from our computer controlled Saabs. John was working for a Mazda independent shop in 1993 and a Saab 9000 came in which he drove and that was the start of his love affair with the brand. Started out with a 900, and worked his way up to a 9000 all the while learning how to tune and get the most power out of the engines. He eventually bought his own tuning software, and with some used ECU’s, courtesy of Jerry, began learning all of the tech-

niques for tuning Saabs, and other vehicles. He eventually got his 900 up to 700-800 horsepower, by improving the turbo charging and various other

parts. The files from the cars are binary/ hexadecimal, which he changes to decimal for ease of programing. All of the maps within the software are in German, so some translation is necessary.

John went through a quick demonstration of how he goes about tuning a car. A mild tune includes changing ignition time, air fuel ratio, torque limit- ers, and the boost level. Stage 1 tune is the mild tune, with a stage 3 tune including the tune and modification of exhaust. All car manufacturers leave about 20% of the engine power on the table in order to please the average consumer. By adding hardware, and exhaust, the power can be improved significantly. John has two methods of tuning, one involves downloading the cars data to your laptop, and the other uses a Powergate portable tuner in which the data is downloaded and the new tune up- loaded. It only takes a few minutes to upload the new tune to the car, and the original program can be reloaded at any time. The car can be tuned for mile- age, performance, or any combination that is de- sired. Jim Beetham has had 4 of his cars tuned by John.

JZW Tuning

by Jerry Danner

John Williams of JZW Tuning was our guest speaker at our January 2015 meeting of the Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado. John has created some pretty fast Saab's by developing Stage 1,2,3,4 and unlimited tunes. Without giving his secrets away, John demon- strated how he copies Your ECM's (Engine Control Module) software and then places it on his laptop to tune. Through an overhead projector and screen, He

demonstrated what the ECM's software looks like in Binary code and the many files needed to map perfor- mance. Locating the Timing map, He opened the file and in a 3D image, demonstrated what the timing is calling for at different engine configurations. John then tweaked a few numbers for the tune he wants and saved that file. Engine, Boost, Fuel programs are

located, tweaked for desired results and then saved. He can turn off rev & performance limiters creating all power to the wheels.

Through the OBD port, John has a Read/Write device

where the upgraded program is loaded on then by hit- ting install, it overwrites the existing program on your ECM with the Tuned one. This hand held device allows up to five programs to be stored for installa- tion. He always copies the original program and it is ready to reinstall on command if something is not right with the tuned program.

John also gets a thrill from driving his creations. John takes credit for the fastest Saab in North America.

1996 Saab NG900 over 500HP with over 380ft lbs of torque produces a 10.61 time @ 139.54 MPH quarter mile run at Bandimere's Speedway in Denver.

John has tuned many of our Club Members Saabs. I have a 2006 9-5 which John did a Stage 1 1/2 Tune.