RMSC News 2013 Issue 3 May-June 2013

From your Club President

The snow if finally over and now let spring begin. We take for granite the wonderful weather we experience in this lovely state. Where else can you have rain, snow and a hour later it is clear blue sky. a excuse to get outside, do yard work, wash your cars go to the mountains and partake of the summer festivities.

This summer I plan to enjoy the outdoors.

I love driving my old Saabs on weekends. My favorite is the 1964 Bull Nose. When I drive, I notice people always looking at me usually with a smile. I have people give me the thumbs up sign. When I am at a red light, I have had people roll the win- dow down to comment on the car. People recognize the brand. Even if they don't there are badges on the car, Saab on the hub caps and the Saab on the mud flaps.

I have the bare minimum muffler pack on the 2 stroke giving it a very loud burble sound of what a two cycle engine should sound like. It is loud and I love it. It turns heads.

The June 11h meeting will be held at 7PM at the Breckenridge Brewery at 5th and Lipan in Den- ver. Agenda includes upcoming CP car show, Project Colleen, Membership, Trivia, Top Gear video and Simeone Museum Presentation

Get out and drive your Saabs this sum- mer and enjoy what Colorado has to offer.

(Photo by Charles Stoyer)

by Larry Beetham (photos by Charles Stoyer)

I apologize that the minutes from the April meeting were submitted to the previous newsletter, here are the previous minutes from February for publication.

– Larry

President Jerry Danner opened the meeting at

Breckenridge Brewery with the introduction of new SAAB Club members (Please pardon if any spelling is wrong): Dave Finley from Cheyenne, WY. , who is restoring his 1968 96 De