RMSC News 2014 Issue 4 July-August 2014

From your Club President

This August 2014 wraps up another year our successful Rocky Mountain Saab Club. It has been 24 years since we reorganized. Tim Winkler, then the publisher of NINES, no- ticed we were dormant so he came to Den- ver to give us a pep talk to rekindle the en-

The September 9th meeting will be at Breckenridge Brewery (5th & Kalamath) at 7:00PM. Agenda in- cludes business meeting with BOD elections, display of engine by Dave Snider, Review of 2014 SOC and tour Remarkable service pictures and stories

thusiasm. He did a great job. Look where we are today and look what we accomplished.

Not very many clubs across the USA can have bragging rights to what have done. What we have done is not the sole direction of one individual but the enthusiasm of the group as a whole. I want to thank all of our club members and be proud of where we are today.

This September’s meeting we will have election of directors. Our club has seven di- rectors. Four have a term that expires in 2015 and three have a term that expires this month. The three who’s term is up are David Snider, John Clary and Paul Bottone. There will be an opening for any of our club mem- bers to run for this position to direct our club. This appointment for three will have a two year term. We are always looking for new ideas and direction for the upcoming year. At the September 2014 meeting step forward, place your name in the hat to run for this prestigious position.

I want to thank all of our club members for their continuing support to make our club a National success.

Photo by Tom Nelson

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Charles Stoyer)

Members Dwayne Clark and Wayne Brewer were recog- nized as being new members. Dwayne has attended be- fore, but this is the first time that Wayne has come up from Cotopaxi, in his 96, to attend a meeting.

Paul passed out fliers on the plans for Saturday’s, July 11, visit to Ray Middleton’s hangar in Fort Collins.

Plans are to meet a Johnson’s Corner at 8:15 for break-

fast. Paul also brought in some excess Saab literature from his collection for distribution to club members. Tom is going to talk about SOC 14 and his presentation on his grandsons and project Red Bull. Paul will discuss the SOC 14 tour plans, and Greg will discuss the 2014 CP event held at ACC in June.

Tom brought his grandson Ethan along for the presenta- tion on project Red Bull. Tom discussed the convention in Redmond, OR. Tom is a member of NW Saab Owners

Club, and they are on the same10 year rotation on hold- ing the conventions as RMSC is. They last held the con- vention in 2004, and a great number of our members attended that convention. Jerry Danner is providing funds to the convention through a corporate donation.

The best Saab Fleet competition, started 10 years at the Crystal Mountain convention by RMSC, is open to those who have a minimum of 3 Saabs, but can present no

more than 5 for the competition. This is a poster board competition that does not require the cars to actually be there. You do have to have proof that you actually own the vehicles. The Saab photo contest will also be held. Tech session presentation on Friday, Dave Snider is pre- senting a talk on B motor water pump replacement, and Tom will be presenting the project Red Bull project that he will be presenting this evening. The tour is 5 days ahead of the convention, and Rich Hruda, has provided our previous tour book to NWSC as an example. Paul was very instrumental in putting together lodging for this year’s tour to facilitate the evening gatherings of the tour participants.

Tom showed a presentation on project Red Bull that he has undertaken with his two grandsons over the last sev- eral years. This is a trial run of the presentation he will be presenting at the SOC 14. His two grandsons, Ethan

(13) and Myles (9.5), have been working with Tom over the past few summers. Tom has three books that cover the years 2011 thru 2013 that cover work that the kids

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Charles Stoyer) (continued)

have done. Tom brought in the steering well that the kids have refurbished. This project is being done to teach the kids basic automotive skills that will help them in their future lives. Plan is to get the project completed in time for Ethan to drive it when he gets his license in 2017.

Greg gave a recap of the ACC show in June, the RMSC had 16 cars at the show. In the future if problems with registration are encountered, just show up and it will be straightened out on site. Would like to shoot for 20 cars for next year’s show. Greg will try to keep the location we had for this year’s show for future years. Greg wrote a letter for the upcoming newsletter to go along with the pictures that Tom took. Most clubs abandoned ship when the rain started, leaving the Saab, Lotus, and Mustang clubs to show their cars. Tom showed pictures from the ACC show with Bruce and his team’s judging cars.

The Scandinavian Festival in Estes Park was discussed along with pictures from Tom. There were 15 cars that attended this year’s event. There was lots of interest from the crowd in the cars, and a good time was had by all. Tom met a lady from Sweden who had a picture of her uncle on a beach in Sweden with his new 92 from

1955. Cars were parked in chronological order to show the progression of the Saab design. Jerry started up his 2- stroke which attracted additional people due to the large amount of smoke.

Paul added some additional information on Saturday’s tour of Middleton’s hangar. Lunch will be held at the restaurant next to Fort Collins Brewery.

Paul indicated that the NWSC will not have as detailed a schedule for the pre-convention tour as RMSC did for our last convention. Paul has scoped out additional sites to see along the way. Every night’s lodging was planned to have a sunset view.

Bruce had a trivia question concerning the date of a Col- orado license plate. If you have a car that is 30 years or older, you can apparently use plates from that time frame on your car, as long as it is registered and paid for. The plate does have to be from the exact year that the car was from.

Dave discussed an old Saab bulletin concerning the snap rings used in the 1975 to 1980 99’s and 900’s are not necessary to replace when repairing the axles.

Karl Kingery was cleaning out some of his paper- work and came across this. It is an Alcohol Protection Chart (Antifreeze Protection) for cars that were made

from 1924 to 1929. Take a minute to read the letter (see web site below) and view the itemized list of what cars were made then. I have never heard of many of these cars.

Karl wanted me to have this chart because I am a car guy. It was really nice to have it but Saab’s are not on this chart. As you all know, I am a Saab Guy. Our Club visited the Gateway Museum and the collection owned by the Discovery Channel founder John Hen- dricks September 2013. Those who have visited this remarkable museum know he has some of the cars

that are listed. Not only does he have cars, he has dis- played many of the time dated artifacts for the era.

I donated this chart to be displayed and acknowl- edged that our Saab Club offered this valuable chart to the Museum. Next time we visit, we should look for the chart. Visit www.gatewayautomuseum.com Lots more pictures/lots more car models at http:// www.interpex.com/alcoholprotection.htm

I, along with a goodly number of RMSC members went to the SOC14 Saab Convection, put on the Northwestern Saab Club. It was held at the Eagle Crest Resort, and had a good showing of a lot of

Saabs. I enjoyed the trips to and from and saw a lot of nice scenery. Tom and I drove my 1988 Saab SIS convertible to the show, and I had it judged, however, I gave it a quick wash, and didn't expend much effort in cleaning it up, as I felt that it was OK as is. I firm- ly believe that the judging was fair to all, as far as I know. However I personally would like to see some changes in some of the rules that they had to go by.