RMSC News 2015 Issue 1 January-February 2015

From your Club President

Yet another year has passed. 2014 has been a great year for me and I can only hope it was as good for you also. It is always a pleasure to reflect what has happened and how we can improve on, modify, change or go a completely new direction knowing the rea- son we chose this is because what we did just did not work. We all have had experi- ences we wish we could take back but the facts are that we just can not. Overall I have had some great days. There is no such a thing as a bad day however some days are better than others.

Many memories have been made with Saab in my life. We seem to wonder where Saab is headed. For all our Saab Club members, Saab Owners, Saab enthusiasts, Saab collec- tors, Saab Mechanics, Saab Dealers, Saab vendors, Saab Tuners, Saab is a huge part of our life. I know we are all sad to see the de- mise of such a great car company. I am proud to have been a part of history, as small as it was. We are all part of history also by owning and believing in this great car. Saab is not going to die in our memories. We, as Saab enthusiasts, will keep this car alive for many years to come.

As for the up coming year, we will continue

The January 13th meeting will be at Colorado Plus Brew Pub in Wheat Ridge due to a conflict with Breckenridge Brewery. John Williams from JZW tuning will be our guest speaker. Other topics in- clude upcoming events and what’s up with Saab.

on the same path we have been on. We will, as a club, keep the spirit of friendship mov- ing upwards and onward. Look for club events, meetings, projects & drives in the upcoming year. Keep the spirit of Saab alive in all of us.

Happy 2015 to all! Drive safely!! (Photo by Tom Nelson)

RMSC Meeting Minutes November 11th 2014

by Darrell Christiansen (photos by Charles Stoyer)

It was definitely a Saab night weather wise with the snow and ice on the roads.

Jerry started out the meeting with introducing new mem- bers Juan and Alied who have a 2006 9-3 Aero. They ended up buying a Saab while attempting to buy a Sub- aru. Drove both and liked the Saab most. Another new member, Bob Saraduke, from Washington State, who recently moved out here. Bob moved here after his daughter moved to E