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1959 93B at 120kph

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I got the 59 93b up to 120 downhill!! Look at the speedo! Tom Donney, hold on!! Oh, did I forget to mention it was kilometers. 75MPH and it still had more. It handled great at that speed with the new tires and shocks. One hand on the wheel and one hand on the camera, how legal is that?. Drove it 95KM last weekend to visit friends (59 Miles). Went to Bruce Harbison's home to show it off. I finally got the brakes working great. Apple Hydraulics rebuilt my master cylinder. There was a problem. It would not equalize the pressure when the brake released, holding pressure like the brakes were on and the brake light was illuminated. Removed, dissembled and found they placed a small cup seal (at the outlet) which would not equalize the pressure. Discarded the small seal as there was not supposed to be one there. Reinstalled, bled and now the brakes are 100% (as good as drum brakes can be). The car handles like a dream with the new shocks. The power is smooth and powers all the way through the power ban. What a pleasure it is to drive. I get a lot of thumbs up.

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