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Project Laura

Laura is a blue, 1970 Model 96 Saab, with the standard V4 engine. Donated to the club in January of 2002, the car was initially very solid but in definite need of restoration, or at least refurbishing. In the 3-year period from 2002 through 2004 dozens of work parties totaled more than 1000 hours of club member labor. The effort, RMSC’s third major car project, culminated in tying for Best of Show at SOC04 in Crystal Mountain, WA.

Laura, the name of the vehicle donor's girlfriend, also became the chosen designation for the project. The couple used the vintage Saab as a daily driver in the Seattle area and always worked on the car together. Tragically, Laura's life was cut short in a traffic accident while in another vehicle. Her boyfriend soon moved to Boulder, CO bringing along the Saab 96 in hopes of one day restoring the car to pristine condition. Yet, the memories evoked by the old blue Saab, of Laura driving it, proved altogether too painful. Eventually he realized he had to let it go.

After showing Laura at SOC04, the club allowed each member who worked on her to take her home and drive her for a week. Following a suitable period of time the RMSC Board of Directors elected to put Laura up for sale; she was purchased in 2005 by board member Tom Nelson who couldn’t stand the thought of her leaving Colorado.

RMSC members agree that our project objectives should be: to learn helpful restoration processes, get better acquainted with vintage Saabs, have some fun, and find the great satisfaction of saving a vintage car from the crusher. In addition it will be a chance for hands-on driving and shop experience with a vintage Saab for members that might never have the opportunity of personally owning one. Members are currently working on Project RedBull, a Red 1961 Bullnose that hopefully will provide even more learning opportunities for our group as well as a chance to bond with fellow RMSC members in the process.

Perhaps, with the passage of time and the sight of Laura's favorite blue Saab in tip-top shape, our project can somehow aid in the healing of one man’s loss.

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