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Project Rob

Updated: May 25, 2020

Work days progress so far on this car.

Work day: May 24, 2020

Project Rob Update - Cameron Trussell came to the shop Saturday to assemble the car after DJ painted the body. All door handles, quarter glass, window trim, door locks were removed to paint and we reinstalled them. We also removed the window tint. It looks so much better without tint. DJ will be painting the hood this week. Next get together we will be putting in a windshield, installing a set of good like new tires and start on the final detailing and clean up. The car starts right up

Work Day: March 5, 2020

Project Rob update. DJ, my painter, decided to take over and finish the car's painting. We now have the roof, sunroof panel and cowl painted. He also took an extra effort to blend both front doors. The original hood has a serious rust on the right side. I decided to replace the hood with one from the yard. Next week we will have the hood stripped, primed and DJ will paint it for us. Then we will gather to complete the little details to get the car finished.

Work Day: Feb 2, 2020

Project Rob Update - DJ, My painter at Mile Hi, decided to take Project Rob on to expedite it getting finished. Last paint stripping party we gathered to strip the roof ad cowl. There was some bodywork to be done on the roof from damage being stripped. DJ repaired and this weekend he primed the roof and cowl. We are going to replace the hood with a different one. Project Robb had a large rust hole on the right side. I will schedule another work party soon. Only a couple of members needed to do this project.

Work Day: Jan 18, 2020

A small group of members met up to do paintwork on Project Rob.

The dedicated group of people meet to do some paint correction on project Rob. Since the clear had started to fail we decided to take the paint down to bare metal so the job was done right.

Work Day: Dec, 27, 2019

Today was a Great Day for Project Rob. Twelve gathered at Mile Hi Automotive to continue this project. Today we got the dash assembled, front seat installed, cruse switches adjusted, mounted the spoiler & front bumper. vacuum checked the a/c system for leaks, mounted the air filter housing and did many little loose items. The car now starts, drives under it's own power and is progressing well. Soon we will be doing painting of the hood and roof as the clear is coming off. Thanks for all who helped today.

Work Day: Sept 21, 2019

Saturday 5 club members showed up plus a guest helper Stephen Mitchim from Springfield, MO chipped in to get the donor engine from Phil Drury installed, set in and all the under side items needed. Next work party we will be hooking up everything remaining and get the car fired up. It will be a 2 – 3 weeks before the next party. Productive day!

Work Day: May 11, 2019

Our goal today was to get Project Rob (our 1986 SPG) to a point where we could start the car ... Jerry Danner, Bob Buck, Don Palmer, Cameron Trussell, Doug Crane, and Tom Nelson made it happen

Work Day: May 4, 2019

Yesterday we had another Project Robb work party. Getting all the little parts hooked up takes time. Thanks for Phil Drury, Doug Crain, David Snider, Bruce Harbison, Bob Buck & Wayne Brewer for helping Monday.

Work Day: April 21, 2019

A lot was accomplished during our RMSC Project Robb on Saturday, April 20th. The power-train is in the car and hooked up and the dash panel is mostly put back together. Getting closer to have the '86 SPG running. Watch this space! John Williams and Richard Hougen also helped.

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