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SAAB 96 Painting

Today DJ, my painter at Mile Hi Automotive, painted fenders, doors & hood individually on my 1972 96. After block & sanding, it’s time to paint. We painted all the parts individually. Full color paint on the hood, fenders. The doors, we painted the leading edges that meet the fully painted fenders. The doors, we blended. Blending is used to insure color matching on front where new color is used to existing color. If you panel paint one and not the other, you run the risk of mismatch. Blending is where the panel that is next to the paint panel gets a coat (a blend) where you spray the color being adjacent on the panel being painted and blend it half way back to where the back edge, where the existing paint match, matched the existing paint. Clear coat the entire panel. It works…. Here are some pictures. More to come on the cowl.....

Where do you stop? DJ, My painter at Mile Hi Automotive, decided he wanted to make the cowl look nice because it had some rock chips. It required finding a paint break line and that turned to be the cowl panel where it is welded to the firewall. Well…DJ mentioned the inner fender wells looked badly weathered so he brought up the idea “It would look remarkable if we could paint the inner fenders, inside the front belly panel, seems we are going this far, why not!”. I appreciated the suggestion so guess what we did! Remove all the electrical, regulators, rubber grommets, and back taping everything to make it look perfect. Here are the pictures of this episode of Jerry’s 96. Enjoy the pictures. Tomorrow, we will remove the tape and paper and it will look new!! Enjoy the pictures. More pictures to come when reassembled.

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